Friday, December 31, 2010

A Time to Every Purpose

It's the end of a decade. I know I should probably feel nostalgic for the early 2000s, but it sorta just feels like any other day to me. Sure, a lot of big things happened in the last 10 years (I mean, Sweet Jesus, what did we do before Facebook?? And God knows I'd be lost without my Coke Zero), but I feel like there's no point in dwelling on the past. I hate to sound like a New Year's grinch, but it seems like New Year's Eve is one of the biggest buildup/let down situations of the year. Everyone is running around trying to figure out plans, nobody ever gets their shit together, traffic is a bitch, and you wake up hungover, swearing you'll be better in the new year. Though I'm not keen to reflect on the last decade, I don't mind dipping my toes in the pool and glancing over my shoulder at the last year. Here's a breakdown of the things that were big for me in 2010...

1. My Sister Has Baby #3! For Californians that's a veritable baby farm. If, however, you live in the middle of the country, having three kids is pretty normal. I love my sister's kids more than anything, and visiting them is a nice, gentle reminder that I'm nowhere near ready to pop out my own pups.

2. Every Single Girlfriend of Mine Got Un-Single. Yes I want my friends to be happy. Yes, I'm thrilled to pieces they've all found someone they're nuts about. Yes, I love hearing every detail about their newly discovered soulmate. No, I don't like getting last-minute ditched after making plans only to be told they were too busy getting busy to bother texting to cancel. Look, ladies, we all fall victim to vice grip of sex hormones, but PLEASE don't leave behind the fallen soldiers that are your single friends. I'm not saying we have to hang out all the time. I'm just saying if we have plans KEEP THEM. You can afford to spend three hours out of your bed. Trust me, I manage to function that way all day.

3. The Only Single Friend Moved. This is one of those things where you're truly happy for your friend, but also insanely bummed. My good friend Katie moved to San Fran last week, which for her was the right move. She's from there originally and always planned on going back, but it just sucks when someone you love leaves. I hope she has lots of success and happiness in the Big Gay Apple of the West (if that's not San Francisco's nickname already it should be. You read it here first).

4. I Ended a 6 1/2 Year Relationship. 2010 was the year of new beginnings in a lot of ways. I dated Chris for a long time. We met sophomore year of college and dated on and off for the ensuing six years. Boy, that one took a lot out of me. Any relationship is rough, but it's a real bummer to lose your best friend. It takes a long time for me to distance myself from people. There is, however, a lot of gratification in knowing that it's OK to be alone for a little while.

5. I Turned 27. Jesus. Saying I'm 27 feels like giving birth to an alien. It's just bizarre. I'm totally cool with aging (I have a RIGOROUS sunscreen regimen and fully plan to attack my skin with aggressive topical dermatological treatments), but the weird thing about getting older is how different the reality is from what you might've imagined it would be like when you were younger. Ten years ago I may have imagined by this age I'd have my own sitcom, be tooling around in a cute little Bentley, and dating someone I was seriously into - who also happened to be next in line for the throne of a small country (nothing too outlandish). The reality is, I'm working my ass off - but who isn't? - and though I don't have a Bentley, I do have a sweet little hatchback named Chi Chi (she's just the right mix of cute and quirky); I have a day job that sucks (only because it's not what I love, it's a pays-the-bills thing, and I can't complain because it does just that); and as far as dating goes, I'm working on it...

The good news is, I am finally fully supporting myself, and that feels kind of amazing. I'm bound and determined to be done with the day job and solely making a living with acting and writing by the end of 2011. So though I don't fancy myself a 'resolutions' type of gal, it looks like I went and made one anyway. Which is kinda how I roll.

See ya, 2010!

High Five.

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